A man from Blackley, Manchester, has been jailed after his victim produced an audio recording as proof that he committed the crime.

Keith Hall was awarded a jail term of four-and-a-half years for raping a woman with whom he was in a relationship earlier. The victim managed to put him behind bars with the help of an audio recording of her ordeal.

She also secretly emailed the audio clip to herself when the accused forced her to delete it, the Mirror reported.

In the phone recording, the father-of-two can be heard saying, "Do you not want it" while attacking her. "So you don't want me to f**k you?" he can be heard saying while he groped the woman. The defensive voice of the rape survivor repeatedly saying "no" can also be heard in the audio as the 34-year-old forced himself on her.

The woman, who cannot be identified, said in a statement that the incident "has had a profound effect on my life, a massive impact on my mental health, my antidepressant medication had to be increased.

"I began to feel suicidal and had never self harmed before meeting the defendant. I began cutting myself on my legs, and I was trying to punish myself — I felt like it was my fault, I should have left him earlier."

She also said it was impossible for her to forget the attack but said she has over time "learnt to deal with it better".

"Even though I'm in a good relationship now the things I've been through have impacted. I feel uncomfortable with intimacy, my partner tries to reassure me as much as possible but I assume the worst," the woman added.

According to court documents, the woman broke up with Hall because of his controlling behaviour. Having decided to leave his flat the following morning she wanted to sleep on the sofa rather than in the bedroom.

However, "The defendant talked her into going to sleep in the bedroom with him on the basis that it was going to be their last night together. She was reluctant but did agree, she lay face down with her arms tucked in to make it clear to the defendant she didn't want to engage in any physical contact with him and he would not be able to touch her intimately," prosecutor Charlotte Crangle said.

"But he did start to do that, touching her on her upper legs and stomach wanting to become intimate with her. She was still telling him to stop but he carried on regardless."

Hall claimed the woman had consented to sex. But passing the sentence Judge John Potter of Minshull Street Crown Court said: "It seems your relationship was far from an entirely happy one throughout the months it existed there were numerous arguments, particularly about money. Ultimately you forced yourself upon her; she recorded the events on an audio format."

The rapist has reportedly also been asked to sign the sex offenders' register.

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Keith Hall was awarded a jail term of four and a half years for raping a woman with whom he was in a relationship earlier - Representational image Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images