Dad Nathan Perry
Nathan Perry spoke to 9News after his son Blade was tragically killed in a house fire. He was burned himself, as was his other son Jeremy. 9News

A heartbroken father has written a letter to his four-year-old son who died in a devastating house fire.

Nathan Perry ran through flames to reach his three- and four-year-old sons after a fire started at their home in Weranga, Australia on Tuesday (14 November). He was alerted to the fire when he woke up and smelled smoke. He then saw a flicker of flames coming from the room where the boys were sleeping.

Blade, four, tragically died a day later when his family made the decision to switch off life support. His brother Jeremy, three, remains in hospital in Brisbane with burns to around 60% of his body. It is thought he will be receiving treatment for the next six months.

Perry, who was treated for burns before being released to be with his sons, described the harrowing scene to 9News in Australia. "I knew it was fire straight away," he said. "It was the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life.

"I had to run through the flames and drag the children out. I did what I could." He added: "I feel like I failed because Blade didn't make it."

Despite having bandaged hands, Perry wrote a heartbreaking letter in memory of Blade as funeral preparations began.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up for the Perry family to help them with medical bills, living expenses and replacing their home and possessions. It has so far raised almost $7,000.