Halloween is almost here and what better way to enjoy the festival than by binge watching Fear The Walking Dead season 1 marathon which will be aired on 31 October? The Walking Dead companion series premiered in September with record viewership and revealed a world that was unprepared for the deadliest apocalypse eating up humanity with a whirlwind speed.

Show's executive producer Gale Anne Hurd spoke exclusively to IBTimes UK and explained why Halloween is the right time to watch the series.

"Fear the Walking Dead is really perfect for Halloween viewing – with six episodes, it's a mini-marathon, so it's not really a huge time commitment. But in keeping with Halloween, it's all about monsters hiding in plain sight. On the show, however, what you don't know really can kill you!," she said.

Here are five reasons on why Halloween is the best time to watch FTWD marathon:

1. Realistic and scary: During the airing of the series, fans saw the three families of Travis Manawa, his fiancee Madison Clarke and Daniel Salazar. Until the finale, Travis is reluctant to accept that the apocalypse has delivered its wrath on humanity.

Madison, however, does not hesitate to kill the school principal-turned-zombie to save her student Tobias. Daniel, on the other hand, proved that he can turn ruthless in an attempt to save his family.

All the characters offered a very different shade of humanity and this has led some fans to believe that she is the best tutor to actually prepare for a future apocalypse.

2. Good-yet-creepy-looking zombies: Remember the first scene, where Maddie's 19-year-old son Nick wakes up from his drug hangover to find a girl eating a dead corpse? Though the series lacked a lot on zombies, the few Walkers we saw appeared a lot better looking than The Walking Dead but unlike TWD, the FTWD zombies were way too creepy.

Some of the undead Walkers might just offer an idea or two on how to dress as a gorgeous zombie

3. Zombie apocalypse can also be about the chaotic government decision: The answer that we did not get from the last five seasons of TWD is how the situation worsened so much that humans almost became extinct.

The final three episodes of the popular AMC series revealed the ugly face of the National Guards who were acting in clear panic mode as they were even killing those uninfected humans about whom they had even a minute doubt. While the deadly flu virus was a major reason for the world crumbling down, the army was equally responsible for making things worse.

4. Love persists even during a catastrophe: Travis' faith in humanity and Madison's determination helped both of them reunite with their families in the final two episodes. The highly dysfunctional family finally starts to gather the pieces of their emotions to stay reunited. Travis's ex-wife goes to the hospital to take care of Nick and Daniel's wife.

However, the show took a tragic twist when Travis decides to shoot and kill Liza as she is infected by a zombie bite. He did not want her to turn into another undead Walker and on her personal request kills her before the families flee Los Angeles to board a cruise ship.

According to a press statement by AMC, viewers can relive the full horror of a special Halloween season marathon of all six episodes, which will start airing from 10.30pm in the UK. This will be preceded by the modern horror classic, The Blair Witch Project, which will air at 9pm.

AMC can be seen free of charge for all BT TV subscribers (channel 381 in HD and 332 in SD). Sky viewers can access AMC on channel 192 as subscribers of the BT Sport Pack.