Fear The Walking Dead will air its finale episode on Sunday 4 October, and going by the promo, it seems like the zombies have managed to break the barriers that restrained them and they are now attacking the rest of the survivors. In the finale, titled The Good Man, fans would see Travis and Madison's real struggle. In the previous episode, the couple learnt that relying on the National Guards was not an option as they were killing anyone who they suspected of being infected.

The synopsis of the finale FTWD episode reads:

As civil unrest continues to grow and the dead take over, Travis and Madison must explore new ways to protect their families in the Season 1 finale.

Watch the episode via live stream here. You can also watch it on your Android and iOS devices using the AMC app.

Further, the latest promo of the finale shows that the school teacher has realised that the apocalypse is devouring humanity and it is happening even faster than he thought. He reacts promptly and asks his family to pack every thing that is necessary, but before that he needs to bring Nick and his former wife Liza back to safety.

It is still not known how he will manage to save his family as the zombies are on the streets of Los Angeles. However, fans can expect him to do something after they had almost rejected Cliff Curtis' weak character. The finale may show him in a different light and he may be seen protecting his family from any harm.

Fear The Walking Dead finale will air on 4 October at 9pm/8pm CT on AMC. The show will have an online special episode Flight 462 which will introduce new characters for season two of FTWD.