Fear the Walking Dead season 2
Alicia Clarke looks ready to fight and kill some zombies in episode 3 AMC

Fear The Walking Dead season 2 offered a cliff-hanger ending to episode 3 titled, Blood In The Street, as Travis Manawa and Alicia Clark were kidnapped by Jack and his crew. But that is not the only problem for Madison, Victor Strand and Daniel Salazar.

The group ventured into the ocean to stay safe from the walkers in a zombie infected world, but it seems like humans would be the biggest threat in the post-apocalyptic environment rather than the walkers. Episode 5 is titled, Captive, and will focus on Alicia and Travis as they try to get out of a trap.

Showcreator Dave Erickson has hinted that Madison's daughter will finally use her intelligence to trick Jack as her loyal partner.

"I think that she recognizes that Jack has something of an investment in her, and look, she's putting it on herself," he told Entertainment Weekly and added that at some point Jack will try to "protect" her from Conner and Reed.

"One of the things that this episode is about is Alicia stepping up and putting aside every mistake she's made before and trying to correct them and trying to adjust for that. So it is a fine line because I think Jack is actually somebody who is not completely down with what his partners, Reed and Connor, are doing, and I think he does have some interest in protecting her. He wants to protect Alicia and she gets that," he stressed.

In FTWD season 2, Alicia and her brother Nick emerged as key players in the zombie infected world. And according to Ericson, Alicia will play a key role in saving her mother and Travis.

"I do think that she's going to work that to the best of her ability so she can protect Madison and Travis and the rest of the family. So yeah, I think it's emotionally complicated because she's by and large not a cruel person, but I think she also realizes that it's the only avenue she has to protect her group," the show's creator said.

Fear the Walking Dead season 2 will return on AMC with episode 5 on 8 May.