Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan
As of now Walking Dad season 7 release date has not been announced. AMC

The Walking dead season 7 has left fans baffled with its dark cliffhanger that only made them hear and guess about the victim whose skull was crushed by the Savior leader Negan. As of now, the show producers have kept the option open for fans to speculate who might be the victim among the Alexandria safe group members Rick Grimes, Glenn Rhee, Daryl Dixon, Michonne, Eugene Porter and Rosita Espinosa.

But will that unknown person be the only victim of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's notorious character? Seth Gilliam thinks otherwise. In an interview with Toofab, the actor who plays the cowardly priest Gabriel Stokes in the zombie thriller said the wrath of Negan will spread to some other members of the Alexandrian safe group and the journey for the apocalypse survivors will be extremely emotional.

"I can say from the little bit that I do know about the upcoming season, there will be lots and lots of tears shed. I think there will be a good deal of shock, a lot of heartbreak and what I can say is that Negan is far from done."

Fans and critics thought that the cliffhanger in the finale was uncalled for and that Robert Kirkman should have shown a definite ending but Rogan believes that the ending is part of 'great story-telling'.

"I'm not such a big fan of cliffhangers myself but in this particular case, I think it's great storytelling."

Fan theories are strong that Glenn will be the first victim of Negan's baseball bat wrapped with barbed wires. But Josh McDermitt's casting in the Twin Peak revival series has sparked rumours that his character Eugene Porter might be the fateful victim of Lucille.

AMC's blockbuster post-apocalyptic series will premiere during autumn this year.