Fear The Walking dead season 3
Travis died of gunshot injury in episode 2 of Fear The Walking Dead season 3 AMC

Fear The Walking Dead season 3 aired two back-to-back episodes with a gripping script but it left fans shocked by killing off the main character. Travis Manawa (played by Cliff Curtis) died an unceremonious death at the beginning of the second episode.

Upon reaching the military area, Travis, Madison and Alicia were captured by a psychopath named Troy who killed people for fun. Travis battled armed men and a dozen other zombies to free Nick and his girlfriend from the cruel group. Madison attracts the attention of Troy's brother Jake, who seems decent and offers the family a place in his father's sanctuary.

But the show disappointed by the beginning of the second episode, in which shots were fired and the last member of the Manawa clan was killed even as Alicia watched in horror.

Curtis' exit from the show has left a huge vacuum, especially since he had evolved as a great leader, capable of leading a group during an apocalypse. Curtis explains that the death scene was emotional for him. "It's very stressful, the apocalypse. You have to worry about zombies eating you and eating the people you love," he told an AMC blog.

Madison, who has appeared as a strong character in the show, has often been criticised for her lack as a leader. In the second episode, she was heartbroken at learning about Travis' tragic fate. But Curtis thinks she will evolve and may team up with Strand to rule the post-apocalyptic world. "I think Madison is going to hook up with Strand! I mean, what a great couple. Come on, you can't fight the chemistry. Just let it be. It's the apocalypse," he told AMC.

The actress teases that her character will go dark after the death of her fiance. "Madison quickly goes dark. [Laughs] She's not really crippled by her compassion anymore. I think she realises pretty quickly what she has to do to survive and to keep her family alive. I think she's one of the first ones who's able to understand that brutality becomes part of the currency. She does what she has to do and it makes for some dark moments," she said during AMC's Q&A.

Fear The Walking Dead season 3 airs every Sunday night in the US and on Monday night in the UK on AMC.