A family's Christmas presents and crystal delivery cost them the life of their tiny terrier dog. An irresponsible FedEx delivery driver reportedly tossed the heavy package over the fence of the family's home. The package fell on the dog, crushing her fatally. After having to put down their beloved pet, the owners are unhappy with FedEx's response to the incident.

Cooper, the four-pound Yorkshire terrier, had been sitting in her owners' backyard in Venice, California. Cooper's owners, Keiko Napier and Mitchell Galin, claim that Cooper often sat out in the backyard enjoying the sun and the fresh air.

Cooper's usual sun-basking session came to a horrific end when a reckless FedEx delivery driver decided to cut corners by tossing a heavy package over the fence. FedEx delivery drivers are expected to either hand over packages to customers or carefully leave them at a mentioned spot. Blindly tossing packages over high fences is not how the delivery is supposed to take place.

Happy yorkshire terrier
FedEx package tossed over the fence crushed the family's small yorkshire terrier. iStock

The unnamed person blindly dropped the package onto Cooper and left.

Napier told CBS2 that she rushed to get the hefty box off of Cooper. She recalls seeing her beloved dog in a pool of her own blood.

When Napier and Galin rushed Cooper to the vet, they were told that she had suffered fatal injuries to the lungs and liver. Cooper was in tremendous pain and the chances of recovery were very bleak. Her owners had to make the heartbreaking decision to put her down instead of letting her suffer.

As a response to the event which led to Cooper being euthanized, FedEx released a statement that they would be investigating the incident. They extended their sympathies to Cooper's family, claiming that they understood the emotional distress caused by the death of a pet. After taking circumstances into consideration, they said that they would be taking "appropriate action."

Napier was not pleased with the response from FedEx. She pointed out that the incident could have ended up injuring a family member instead of their pet. The company should have released a mandate stopping delivery drivers from tossing packages over fences. Napier feels that the company simply looking into the matter is not going to get her dog justice.