Bullet holes on a Ferguson car
St Louis police have released picture of a car struck but the bullets St Louis Police Department

At least two individuals have been struck by bullets fired at a demonstration commemorating the one year anniversary of Michael Brown's death in Ferguson Missouri. Police said the shots were fired as confrontations began between demonstrators and law enforcement following a day of events to remember the life of Michael Brown. The black 18-year-old was shot on 9 August 2014 by white police officer Darren Wilson. The incident sparked protests across Ferguson and the US.

The BBC reported shots were fired at one officer and two unmarked cars had been struck by bullets. St Louis County police said an officer was "involved in a shooting after coming under heavy gunfire" and that "two unmarked cars took shots".

Authorities said the condition of the two people struck by the shots was unknown. At the time of the shooting police were seeking to disperse the crowd after demonstrators began blocking traffic and smashing windows, Reuters reported. Ferguson has been blighted by the shooting of Michael Brown in the 12 months since the incident, with the town becoming a flash point for race relations protests in the United States.

The disputed circumstances of the shooting along with the protest following the incident received global attention and caused a vigorous debate about the US police authority's relationship with African Americans, particularly males.