Fifa Women's Japan
Japan celebrates after beating England in the semifinals of the FIFA 2015 Women's World Cup at Commonwealth Stadium. Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports via Reuters

Japan delivered a devastating blow to England on 1 July during the Fifa Women's World Cup semifinal, winning 2-1. The reigning champs head to the finals against Team USA as England goes head to head against Germany for third place.

The game started off with high energy from both teams, with England getting several chances to take the lead. Japan then gained possession of the ball leading to its first penalty and subsequently its first goal.

Following in the trend of penalty and goal, Fara Williams evened out the score at 1-1 just minutes before halftime. Throughout the second half, England kept the pressure on Japan, with several shots at the goal.

Japan's Yuki Ogimi was shown a yellow card just a minute before Japan took the lead following an own goal from England's Laura Bassett, who attempted to clear the ball but instead diverted the ball into the back of her own net.

England manager Mark Sampson spoke to reporters following the devastating defeat.

"It really is heartbreaking. I think we have to first and foremost congratulate the players for an incredible tournament," he said. "Laura Bassett's name is on that score sheet but she has epitomised the team. She has been courageous, strong and she doesn't deserve that [to score an own goal].

"She is a hero, an absolute hero, that is how she will be remembered. I've told them it's OK to cry, they left everything on the field and it's a really tough way to go out. I'm so proud of them. We came here as a huge underdog with the weight of a nation on our back. We had critics and they have inspired a nation and they deserve to go home as heroes."

Japan will face off against USA on 5 July, while England will face with Germany for third place on 4 July.