Former Fifa vice president Jeffrey Webb, who was indicted by the US federal government along with eight other high-ranking Fifa officials, secured a $10m bond using luxury items.

Webb, a former Concacaf president, pleaded not guilty to racketeering and bribery charges in a Brooklyn federal court on 18 July and was released following his arraignment.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the 50-year-old was extradited from Switzerland to the US to face the charges. Webb, who hails from the Cayman Islands, turned over 11 luxury watches, three luxury vehicles, 10 properties and his wife's diamond wedding ring.

The Associated Press reported that an order filed on 20 July setting the conditions of Webb's release said he secured his bond with five Rolex watches, a Cartier Roadster, Hublot, Breitling, Panerai, Royal Oak Offshore and Laminar Marina.

ESPN FC noted that the FBI has not received the Hublot yet and has given Webb an 2 August deadline to turn it in.

According to the LA Times, Webb's bond is also secured by his 2015 Ferrari, 2014 Range Rover, a 2003 Mercedes-Benz and his wife's 401(k) account in the amount of $400,000 (£256,000).

Webb is under house arrest in New York following his release from jail, the BBC reported. The former Fifa is accused of accepting bribes worth millions of dollars for the sale of marketing rights. He was detained in Switzerland in May along with six other Fifa officials.

The BBC reported that on 20 July Fifa announced a programme of reforms dealing with the corruption accusations within the football organisation.