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The "Fire Emblem Engage" release date is just a week away and interest in the upcoming title is at an all-time high. While Lyn, Marth, and some protagonists from previous games are set to return, the game's plot will focus on the divine dragon Alear's quest to restore his memories and fulfil the promise he made to his mother.

The most recent "Fire Emblem Engage" showcased new features such as Corrupted Emblems. Not much information has been revealed about them but players can still learn a few things about them before the game arrives.

Emblem rings' importance in 'Fire Emblem Engage'

Emblem rings are pretty handy to have in the game. It was already revealed from earlier material that players can summon heroes from previous games to fight with them in spirit.

However, emblem rings are more important than their summoning abilities as they at as the plot device in "Fire Emblem Engage," GameRant pointed out. The game's plot basically revolves around Alear's goal of reclaiming his memories by gathering the rings.

Enemies also possess rings

It would be wrong for players to assume that only the game's protagonist can use the rings. In fact, recent trailers show that villains also possess rings that they can use when fighting the protagonists, which even surprised Alear.

What is known for certain based on the trailers is that there are 12 rings. This means that the entire collection consists only of 12 rings, which could either be corrupted or "proper" rings.

Emblem rings can be corrupted, but corrupted rings can also be converted

"Fire Emblem Engage" trailers also revealed that emblem rings can be corrupted. This means that past heroes summoned by a corrupted ring will turn red and fight against the player's team.

What's also interesting is that a corrupted ring can also be "recruited" and turned into a "proper" ring once more. This is revealed by the trailer that showed a red, corrupted Lucina fighting against Alear his army but, later in the same trailer, a blue Lucina was shown fighting for Alear's side. However, the mechanism for this conversion is still unknown at this point.

The rings can be used to revive the fell dragon

A group of villains called the four hounds are also after the 12 rings but for an entirely different reason. Rather than merely summoning past heroes, the group plans to use them to revive the fell dragon.

The "Fire Emblem Engage" release date is on January 20, 2023. The game will be released for Nintendo Switch.