Firefighters tackle a blaze at Blochairn Fruit Market
Firefighters tackle a blaze at Blochairn Fruit Market

Firefighters are tacking a massive blaze at a Glasgow fruit market, amid reports of explosions.

Flames licked the air and huge plumes of black smoke billowed over Blochairn Fruit Market, in the north-east of the city, after the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) were called to the blaze at 3.44am.

More than 40 firefighters are currently battling to control the fire in a warehouse that makes up part of the market, with 12 engines and three aerial apparatus on the scene.

Some local residents have reported hearing explosions. Around 400 workers at the site have been evacuated and there were no reports of any injuries.

Around 90% of the two-storey warehouse is reported to be ablaze.

A spokesman for the fire service said: "SFRS crew are using high powered hoses to tackle and contain the flames."

But Inspector Stuart Cleminson, from Police Scotland, told the BBC that water pressure problems were causing the fire crews difficulty.

Firefighters tackle a blaze at Blochairn Fruit Market
The fire at Blochairn Fruit Market started at 3.44am on 17 August

He said firefighters "are having several issues in the area relating to the water pressure, so Scottish Water are here at the moment and they are trying to boost the water.

"Over three hours later, the building is still well ablaze. Fire and rescue are working extremely hard to get the fire out."

Police Scotland said Blochairn Road between Royston Road and Siemens Place has been closed due to the fire. Local diversions were in place.

A large plume of smoke from the building led to speed restrictions put in place for drivers on the nearby M8 motorway, although this was later lifted.

Hundreds of traders work at the market, supplying fresh fruit, vegetables and fish to shops and restaurants in the west of the country.

At the time of the fire, the warehouse would have been busy with traders and customers.