Protests broke out in California and tens of thousands of people tweeted their opposition to Donald Trump's victory in the US elections using the "Not my president" hashtag.

In California – a state which voted for Clinton – people took to the streets reportedly chanting "Not Our President". There were also reports of fires being started and windows smashed in the town of Oakland. Students at the University of California also staged a demonstration which blocked off traffic while chanting slogans such as "You are not America, we are America."

Trump shocked the world after he beat the odds to be declared the 45<sup>th US President following his win over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

The billionaire tycoon managed to win several key swing states including Florida and Ohio to put him over the 270 vote mark needed to win the election.

The Republican, who managed to overcome a series of sexual assault allegations, division within his own party and allegations of racism and fascism during the campaign, told his supports during his victory speech that now is the time for the US to "come together as one united people".

However, many of those who supported the most divisive US political candidate in history have voiced their anger at his win, with more than 70,000 people in the US tweeting #NotMyPresident in the hours after he was declared the winner.

Trump protest
These protesters against president-elect Donald Trump march peacefully through Oakland, California Reuters