The CW's post-Apocalyptic show, The 100, has begun filming for its much anticipated season 4. First look at Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake has been officially revealed, and it is enough to make Bellarke fans very happy.

The official Twitter account of The 100 Writers Room shared an image of actors Eliza Taylor (who plays Clarke) and Bob Morley (who plays Bellamy), in a hug. They are smiling in the image as the tweet says, "So nice to see our cast smiling. We must not be rolling. #The100"

Taylor spoke about Clarke's love life in an interview with TV Line during San Diego Comic-Con. According to her, Clarke is not ready to move on from Lexa just as yet. "I don't think she's ready to explore new love in her life. When you lose a loved one, you think that that's the end of love for you."

"That's just how humans react, that's how we grieve. But I definitely don't think that's the end for [Clarke], no matter how much she thinks that she'll never love again, I hope to God she does and I'm sure she will," the actress said of her love life in season 4.

The 100 season 3 premiere
Clarke and Bellamy in The CW series The 100 The CW

However, the actress wants Clarke to stop worrying about saving the world all the time. She said, "I'm looking forward to the idea... of [Clarke] being able to stop apologising for having to save the world all the time, and saving everyone, and actually sharing some of the responsibility with her companions, with the other people that she's been on this journey with. She carries so much on her shoulders and it would be nice to see her actually relieve some of that and put the responsibility in all of our hands, as opposed to just hers."

The season 3 of The 100 ended on a grim note – with Alie finally destroyed – but another end-of-the-world threat, aka a nuclear apocalypse for the Sky Crew to survive.

The 100 will return with season 4 in January, 2017 on The CW Network.