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Kerry Washington

From the moment legendary showrunner Shonda Rhimes announced the two-episode crossover of White House drama Scandal and crime thriller How To Get Away With Murder on 3 January, fans have been clamouring for any scrap of information about the TV event.

With suspense slowly killing us all, the TV gods have shown mercy and teased what we can expect from the show when it finally airs on 1 March.

In the first look image from the episode, shared by Entertainment Weekly, fixer Olivia (played by Kerry Washington) and lawyer Annalise (Viola Davis) are seen walking into a boardroom.

Olivia has a look of determination as she walks with a folder in hand and her handbag hanging on her arm. The formidable Annalise is right behind her, looking equally focused.

Rhimes, who is often described as "one of the greatest storytellers in the history of television", is the woman behind Grey's Anatomy. She previously treated fans to a Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice crossover.

While little is known about the storyline that brings the alpha females together, a glimpse of the script shared by Rhimes reveals that Keating (Davis) answers one of Olivia Pope's questions from off-screen. "Very good. Miss..." Olivia says, and the camera reverses to reveal... "Keating".

"It was black girl magic on steroids," Davis told Entertainment Weekly, when asked about working with Washington. "Me and Kerry dancing to 'Rock the Boat?' Hey, it can't get any better."

Sharing the first look image with her 2.1million Instagram followers, Oscar-winning Davis wrote: "Get ready".

It remains to be seen if Olivia and Annalise will lock horns in the episode directed by Tony Goldwyn, who plays former president Fitzgerald Grant on Scandal.

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