Mobile game Ironpants has now replaced Flappy Bird as the most popular of the newly created genre. It sits on the second spot of the Top Downloaded game on the iTunes Free chart.

The game happens to be the most successful Flappy Bird clone that has achieved instant success upon the departure of the original title on the iOS and Android app stores.

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Earlier today, Flappy Bird was taken down by its creator, Vietnam-based developer Dong Nguyen, after its success irritated him and "ruined his simple life".

Yesterday Ngyuen has announced on Twitter that he would take the game down in 22 hours, which resulted in the removal of the app from iOS and Android stores earlier this morning.

How good is Ironpants?

Most experts claim that Ironpants is hard to play owing to the fact that it is more difficult than Flappy Bird, a game which by itself is considered ridiculously hard to beat.

In Ironpants, players control a masked hero who flies through gaps created by piles of crates instead of the green pipes seen in Flappy Bird. The game features similar graphical simplicity and uses the exact same control scheme.

It is worth noting that Ironpants is not the only Flappy Bird clone on the internet. Other contenders include games like Clumsy Bird and many others.

Over the last few days, it has become clear that Flappy Bird has birthed an all new genre of simple, quick and easy-to-play games. The first offspring of the trend happens to be Ironpants.