The Flash finale
Eddie Thawne made the ultimate sacrifice in The Flash finale The CW

In The Flash finale, Barry was seen weighing the pros and cons of his decision on saving his mother, while there were some tearful goodbyes, time travel and a major sacrifice.

If you missed the The Flash season 1 finale, click here to watch it online.

The episode started with Barry asking Wells aka Thawne why did he kill his mother?

The Flash's foe explained that he hated Barry, and in the future they were in a seemingly never-ending struggle, until Thawne uncovered Barry's secret identity.

When Thawne's plan to wipe Barry from existence by traveling back in time failed, he decided to kill his mother in the hope of giving a young Barry Allen a traumatic tragedy from which he would never recover.

He also explained that he spent the last year training because he needed him to get fast enough to rupture the time barrier.

Eobard tempts Barry with the opportunity to change things, to use the particle accelerator to open up a stable wormhole through which he can access the past and save his mother, and he can travel back to the future.

"I'm giving you a chance to undo all the evil I've done. Don't you want that chance?" questions Wells.

But changing the time will have severe consequences. After Joe's advice that he was born to do this, Barry decides to go forward with the deal with Dr Wells.

Barry travels back in time, as a wormhole is created, and he arrives in his childhood bedroom on the night of his mother's death. The present day Barry then hides behind a door as he watches future Barry and the Reverse Flash fight it out in the living room.

As, future Barry notices the current Barry, he warns him not to stop it, forcing Barry to stand by as the Reverse Flash murders his mother.

There is a long emotional conversation between Nora Allen and present Barry, who reveals to his dying mother that he is her son. Present day Barry was not able to save her, but he assured her that he and his father will be alright.

Now coming back to current situation, Wells boards his time machine, but Barry comes rushing out of the wormhole and collides with the time machine, destroying it.

In a speedy fight scene, Thawne gets the upper-hand and is about to kill Barry, after promising to kill everyone else he loves, but he's thwarted by Eddie.

Eddie shoots himself, thereby stopping Eobard Thawne from ever being born, and fans saw him burst into flames as he starts to fade into existence.

But that is not how season 1 end. The worm hole reopened, and threatened to destroy central city, it was then that Flash stepped up and the show ended on a cliffhanger, with Barry trying to close the worm home.

With regards to season 2, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg confirmed "we have not seen the last of Tom Cavanagh".

Eddie made the ultimate sacrifice in the episode, which ended the reign of terror caused by the Reverse-Flash/Dr Wells/Eobard Thawne, but Kreisberg told EW: "Tom Cavanagh will continue to be a regular on Flash is all I am prepared to say."

"On Flash, you've never seen the last of anybody, no matter what happens to them," Kreisberg concluded.