Flash season 2 episode 18
Teddy Sears as Zoom in The Flash season 2 episode 18 pictures The CW

The Flash season 2 will go on a brief hiatus and return with all-new episodes on 19 April (Tuesday) at 8pm EST on The CW. In episode 18 titled Versus Zoom, Barry Allen will decide to open the breaches to stop Zoom forever. Cisco Ramone will use his power to open all the breaches to Earth-2 so that Barry can catch the speed demon.

The upcoming chapter will also reveal Zoom aka Hunter Zoloman's backstory on Earth-2. The official synopsis for the episode reads as follows:

In the previous episode, Barry travelled back in time to meet his old teacher Eobard Thawne and was successful in getting the formula to become faster using the tachyon device.

A promo released for the episode shows Barry confronting Zoom aka Jay Garrick as he tells him: "You just don't care how many people you kill." The villain replies in a cold voice: "No, I don't."

The trailer shows Caitlin saying: "His [Zoom] real name was Hunter Zoloman," and Harrison Wells adds: "He was a convicted serial killer." The video shows Barry saying: "I am faster than I have ever been. I can take him down." But to everyone's surprise Zoom's eyes turn black as he claims: "You can't lock up the darkness."

Can Barry take down Zoom for good? We will have to wait till 19 April to find out.