Flash season 3 episode 20
Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in The Flash season 3 The CW/ Warner Bros TV

After teasing fans for the most part of season 3, The Flash finally revealed Savitar's identity in this Tuesday's episode titled I Know Who You Are and it will knock your socks off.

As it turns out, the Speed God Savitar is Barry Allen from the future with a scarred face. "Like I told you in the beginning, I am the future Flash," says evil Barry Allen to his 2017 self. This poses a lot of questions for the viewers as to why Barry would want to kill Iris, and how this revelation will affect Barry and Team Flash in the final 3 episodes.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg promised answers in the upcoming episodes. He told Entertainment Weekly, "You get that in the next episode, and the mystery is ongoing, but obviously Savitar is a version of Barry Allen, a heavily scarred version."

Although the next episode will provide answers, it will also raise an interesting conundrum for the current Barry Allen. Kreisberg told the outlet, "In an upcoming episode when Barry is talking about Savitar, he says that so many of these bad guys that we've fought, I didn't understand why they were doing what they were doing. They just seemed to be filled with so much hate and anger and did terrible things, I would look at them and be like, 'Why are you doing this?' But when Barry looks at Savitar, he sees it and he kind of understands it."

Explaining more about how Savitar came to be, the producer said, "Usually the hero and the villain have the same backstory, just one took the pain and tragedy that they were subjected to and it girded them into wanting to do good and become a hero, and with the villain, it damaged them so badly [that] they wanted to make everybody hurt as badly as they did."

"Barry sees in Savitar that he could've gone down that path, too, but he had Iris, Joe, Cisco, Caitlin, his father, he had the memory of his mother – he had all of these things that helped mould him into the hero that he is. Savitar lost all that," he said.

Flash season 3 episode 15
Savitar returned in The Flash season 3 episode 15 The CW/ Screenshot

The show has seen very tough villains over the seasons from Eobard Thawne / Dr Wells to Zoom, but according to Kreisberg, evil Barry and current Barry will be an entirely different hero-villain dynamic. The EP said, "It's a real 'There but for the grace of God go I'. It creates an interesting paradigm because Savitar has probably done as much, if not more, to hurt them as any villain they've ever come up against, and yet Barry has a measure of sympathy for him. It's a really interesting new dynamic that's certainly very different from his relationship with Wells / Thawne in season 1 and Zoom in season 2."