Flight MH370 Halloween costumes posted by an Instagram user.
Image of Flight MH370 Halloween costumes posted by an Instagram user Nicole Yvette (@nystone01). Nicole Yvette

Revellers who posted pictures of themselves wearing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 themed costumes have provoked outrage on Twitter.

In one image posted on Instagram, three women in bloodstain makeup are dressed in the uniform of Malaysian Airlines cabin crew, with ID cards featuring the airline's logo.

The image was posted on the Instagram account @nystone01, identified as being owner by the user Nicole Yvette.

The @nystone01 Instagram and Twitter accounts have now been closed.

In another image shown on social media, two men wear bloodied uniforms of Malaysian Airlines pilots.

The images were accompanied with the hashtag #Malaysianairlines and #flightmh370, reports the Straits Times.

In March, the airliner carrying 239 people disappeared travelling from Kuala Lumpar to Beijing.

Malaysian authorities believe that the plane crashed in the Indian Ocean far off the coast of Perth, Australia, but no trace of it has been found.

Twitter users responded with outrage at the pictures.

The news comes as the first Malaysian relatives of passengers missing on the flight filed a legal complaint against Malaysian authorities.

Two children whose father was on board the plane filed a lawsuit against the Malaysian government's civil aviation department, claiming that the authority failed to contact the plane within a reasonable amount of time after it disappeared.

"We have waited for eight months. After speaking to various experts, we believe we have sufficient evidence for a strong case," lawyer Arunan Selveraj told the BBC.

"A big plane missing in this age of technology is really unacceptable," he said.

They are also suing the immigration department and the air force for negligence.

In March, a civil aviation case was brought by US relatives of missing passengers, but it was dismissed by a judge, who called it an improper filing.