Series of Blasts Rock Propane Plant in Florida
Series of Blasts Rock Propane Plant in Florida - YouTube Screengrab

A series of explosions have rocked a gas and propane plant in Tavares, Florida, resulting in "multiple" injuries.

Nearly two dozen workers were believed to be inside the plant when the blasts took place.

Local media reports say there were multiple evacuations following the blasts. Many were injured and officials are expecting several fatalities although the exact number is still unclear.

Authorities said 10 workers are still unaccounted for.

"I heard a loud bomb sounds. I thought somebody ran into my house," 43-year old Lisa Garner, a resident in the area, told Orlando Sentinel.

Lake County Sheriff said the explosions were powerful and strong enough to blow the roof of the plant. Residents in areas as far as five miles away from the plant felt the impact of the blasts.

The blasts had taken place at about 23:00 in Blue Rhino. The plant is a propane-tank supplier and a subsidiary of Ferrellgas Partners, the second-largest distributor in the US.

Evacuations have also been ordered for the nearby inhabitants.