A Florida man on Sunday afternoon (28 January) beat his disabled girlfriend and then took her to Vero Beach Walmart so she could tell someone about the incident. On being arrested, he told police that he was tired of taking care of her and preferred going to jail.

Patrick Moan, 37, was arrested for beating Brandi Gregory, 39, who has no arms or legs, the Miami Herald reported.

According to reports, the woman was unable to call the police as Moan had broken her phone two weeks ago.

As his girlfriend could not report him, he wheeled her to a Vero Beach Walmart so she could tell someone about the incident.

Moan later told a patron that he had assaulted his girlfriend in hopes he "could go to jail".

According to police, Gregory told them that Moan used to beat her up twice a month, when he drinks and she could not call them because of her condition.

After Moan was arrested, he admitted that he did all this because he was "tired of taking care of her and pushing her in her wheelchair everywhere," the website reported.

He also said that if he would confess "he would no longer have to take care of her and she would become the state's problem."

Gregory was born without arms or legs – and only has one foot that extends from her lower torso. For at least two years, the couple were said to be dating off and on.

Moan was charged with battery and is currently booked on a $1,000 (£711.78) bond. He is being held at the Indian River County Jail, the website reported.