Felix Lopez
NBC Miami screenshot

A Florida man stands charged with first degree murder after disemboweling his girlfriend when she yelled out her ex's name during sex. The 24-year-old man, identified as Fidel Lopez, told police he accidentally killed his 31-year-old girlfriend, Maria Nemeth, during a drunken post-sex rage incident.

Lopez called authorities shortly after 3.30am on 20 September and told an emergency operator that his girlfriend was having issues breathing and was going to die. According to CBS Miami, Sunrise police and paramedics arrived and found Lopez yelling for help as he stood over Nemeth's body, which was in a pool of blood.

Police found large amounts of blood on the floor inside of a closet, in the bathroom and on the walls of a hallway, CBS Miami reported. Detectives also discovered bloody tissue inside the closet, as well as holes in the walls, a detached closet door and a smashed sliding glass door.

The man was taken for questioning, where he initially told investigators that he and his girlfriend had been drinking tequila which led to rough sex. Lopez told police that it had been Nemeth's idea to insert objects into her vagina during sex. She then allegedly went to the bathroom, where she vomited and had issues breathing. He proceeded to call 911.

Police said Lopez later changed his story after detectives questioned him further. Lopez admitted that Nemeth allegedly called out her ex-husband's name during drunken sex two times, which angered him and led him to break things around his apartment.

He then discovered Nemeth passed out from intoxication in the closet. Lopez said that he was not met with resistance when he decided to insert various objects, including a beer bottle, a hair flat iron, into Namath's vagina and anus, NBC Miami reported. Lopez told detectives he became a "monster" and inserted his hand inside his victim's vagina and began to pull out her intestines.

Lopez carried Nemeth's body to the bathroom and attempted to revive her after he finished his gruesome act of revenge by splashing water on her face. However, he panicked when she did not regain consciousness and decided to smoke a cigarette before calling 911.

According to NBC Miami, Lopez is charged with first-degree murder and has been ordered to be held without bond.