The father of Baby Doe, the two-year-old girl who was found wrapped in a garbage bag on a Boston-area beach in June, said the child's mother claims her boyfriend killed the girl because he believed she was possessed. After months of not knowing her identity, police were finally able to identify the girl as Bella Bond.

Thirty-two-year-old Joseph Amoroso spoke to the Boston Globe about his young daughter, who he never met in person, and how he learned of her tragic death. Amoroso claims he visited his daughter's mother twice in Dorchester but was told his daughter was on Cape Cod.

After spending a full day with the mother, identified as Rachelle Bond, Amoroso said she finally confessed what had happened to their little girl. "Our daughter is dead," Bond allegedly said. "The guy that's been living in my house murdered our daughter."

According to Amoroso, Bond said her 35-year-old boyfriend Michael McCarthy killed baby Bella because he believed she was possessed by demons. The girl, who was just shy of her third birthday, was found on the rocky beaches of Deer Island on 25 June.

Despite Bond's confession of the girl's brutal murder, neither Amoroso nor Bond told authorities. Amoroso told the Globe that Bond sent a text message to another individual about Bella's death and that person then told police.

Following the break in the case, Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F Conley announced that McCarthy was charged with Bella's murder and that 40-year-old Bond was charged as an accessory after the fact.

Baby Bella's murder captivated the US as authorities attempted to identify her and find the cause of death. The National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children created a computer-generated image of Bella and plastered the composite on billboards and flyers across the state, hoping to receive any clues about her identity.

As previously reported by IBTimes UK, detectives were able to trace the girl back to Boston by analyzing pollen gathered on her clothes. The toddler had brown eyes and brown hair and was found wearing white leggings with black polka dots along with a zebra-prink blanket. State medical examiner's office said the victim's body showed "no obvious signs of trauma" and could not determine the cause of death after an autopsy was performed.