A man is missing presumed dead after falling down a large sinkhole which opened up under his bedroom at his Florida home.

The victim's brother told rescue crews that he heard a loud noise coming from the bedroom of the home in Brandon, Tampa and then heard his 36-year-old sibling screaming for help.

The brother later had to be pulled away by rescue workers as he tried to pull the victim out of the expanding crater.

There was no prior warning that a sinkhole was opening up at the home, and the missing man was asleep in his bedroom when it first began expanding.

Listening devices and audio equipment have been placed inside the hole, believed to be more than 100ft in diameter and around 50ft deep, but emergency personnel have not been able to contact the victim.

Jessica Damico, a spokeswoman for the Hillsborough County Fire Department, said there are fears the man did not survive the incident

"It's not confirmed, but I think it's safe to presume," she said. "There is no evidence of him being alive."

The hole is is not visible above ground except from inside the house.

Rescuers haven't been able to fully search the home as they are fearful that the house could fully collapse due to the foundations. Engineers have since condemned the property.

Unlike most sinkholes, this one started beneath the foundations of the building, and reportedly completely engulfed everything inside the bedroom.

Police evacuated the neighbouring houses as a precaution. The victim's brother has also been taken to hospital.