Lateasha Shuntel drag queen butt lift
Popular Atlanta drag queen Lateasha Shuntel died after reportedly having butt lift surgery

A Florida woman has been arrested on suspicion of injecting silicone into five people, including a popular Atlanta drag queen who later died. DeAnna Roberts from Sanford is accused of a number of offences including fraud, knowingly possessing and transporting liquid silicone across state lines and illegally injecting silicone into the human body.

Roberts is suspected of posing as a medical professional and administering a "butt lift" to Atlanta performer Lateasha Shuntel who was found dead in her Georgia home in November 2015. The drag queen wrote a post apparently addressed to Roberts on her Facebook page: "The things we do to keep yall (sic) loving us. OMG DeAnna Roberts I don't think my a** will ever stop hurting but I have no doubt you are the best in the business. Thanks for filling me COMPLETELY UP."

Shuntel, who was well-known and loved on the Atlanta club scene, was found dead at her Doraville home next day, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported. According to friend Shavonna Brooks "she was found peacefully in her vehicle and was not a victim of foul play." A GoFundMe page has been set up to support Shuntel's family.

US Attorney John A. Horn said DeAnna Roberts had purchased 178 gallons of liquid silicone between 2004 and 2015. Anyone buying silicone must certify they will not administer it to humans but Roberts had allegedly injected it into lips, hips and other parts of the body in exchange for money.

"Roberts allegedly caused the death of another person by injecting her with silicone after falsely claiming she was a medical professional," said Horn in a statement. "The public should be wary of individuals who use substances like silicone in ways that are not approved by the FDA, or that are administered by persons who are not properly trained or licensed."

Roberts told officials she purchased the silicone to lubricate medical equipment. She remains in custody as she is viewed as a danger to the community.