Floyd Mayweather has officially announced his final fight. The career-closing boxing match is set to take place next month (12 September 2015) against Andre Berto in Los Angeles. The five-division world champ tweeted on Monday (4 August) that his 49th match would take place, which he confirmed more details of in a press conference on Thursday.

Mayweather will put his 48-0 unbeaten record on the line in what he says will be the final fight of his career. "Andre Berto is going to push Floyd Mayweather to the limit, that's one thing that I do know. So, come September 13th, I don't want you guys saying 'Damn, I missed the fight'. And the difference between Andre Berto and Manny Pacquiao is you guys put all the hype in Manny Pacquaio," Mayweather said at a news conference.

Mayweather beat Manny Pacquiao in May of this year in what was described as the "fight of the century", and will again risk his WBC and WBA welterweight world titles. Berto is a two-time welterweight world champion. A victory for Mayweather would see him match the late Rocky Marciano's record, who retired in April 1956 with a clean sheet of 49-0.

"I am OK, very well off. I am pushing myself. Actually I am working I think harder this camp than I did last camp, but you know you can never overlook any opponent. I am not overlooking this guy, gotta stay focused, gotta continue to push myself," Mayweather told the media after the news conference.

The match will be the last out of six fights in a record-breaking deal between Mayweather and the US network Showtime. Mayweather, 38, called boxing "a young man's sport" and cited his age as one reason for leaving the ring. "I am still a part of boxing, I am still a part of boxing, it's just my last fight. My health is more important at this time, I am getting older. I am still wise, still witty but boxing is a young man's sport."