Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather was not all that impressed with Lomachenko's performance Getty


  • Lomachenko dominated for six rounds until Rigondeaux quit on his stool.
  • Mayweather believes the size difference was a huge factor between the two fighters.

Floyd Mayweather was not too impressed with Vasyl Lomachenko's dominant win over Guillermo Rigondeaux as comparisons between the two started emerging following the fight.

Lomachenko staked claim for being boxing's pound-for-pound best after he successfully defended his WBO junior lightweight title against Guillermo Rigondeaux on 9 December in one of the most highly-anticipated boxing fights in recent history.

Although it was the first-ever contest between two two-time Olympic gold winning boxers, the bout was somewhat of a let-down as the Ukrainian completely overwhelmed his Cuban adversary.

Having landed a total of just 15 punches throughout the fight, the previously unbeaten Rigondeaux, who moved up eight pounds and two divisions, cited an injury to his left hand and quit on his stool after the sixth round.

Lomachenko was praised by the boxing world following his win with media outlets even comparing him to Mayweather during his 130-pound days.

However, "Money" claims the size advantage was a huge factor in the bout. "I never fought a guy that was that small," Mayweather told FightHype. "He was smaller than that. Honestly, they didn't look like they belonged in the ring together.

"I don't think Rigondeaux had a hand problem. Rigondeaux should just take that as a learning experience. A guy that big, I could see the difference when they got into the ring. A small good fighter will never beat a big good fighter. It'll never happen."

While Mayweather acknowledged that Lomachenko got the job done, he felt the fight was "robotic". "It really was no damage done to neither side," Mayweather added. "Real stiff, robotic fight. Nobody really landed like no killer, solid shots.

"You can look at me and Diego Corrales. I can't take that away from Lomachenko. He done what he had to do."