Woman had lucky escape during Bahamas holiday when jet ski flew over her head
The video shows the jet ski narrowly missing the woman Jet ski

Talk about a brush with disaster - this is the moment a woman had a lucky escape when an out-of-control jet ski missed her head by inches.

The dramatic near-miss was captured on video in the Bahamas by a man who said the female holidaymaker was lucky not to have had her head chopped off.

The woman was frolicking on a jet ski in front of a pal when another jet ski careered straight at her. It mounted her vessel and travelled up it like a ramp, flying over her and missing her head by mere inches.

Tourist Brian Prahl shot the footage while celebrating his birthday. He said: "Two girls were taking photos of each other before going on a jet-ski ride. As I panned to my left, I saw this other crazy jet-ski guy literally jump her jet ski like a ramp.

"She had the craziest instinct to get off the jet ski at the last second to save her head, literally. The couple on the other jet ski went flying into the sand after flying super high in the air."

Some web users have speculated the footage was a set-up prank, similar to a sketch by US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

But Prahl appears to be standing by the authenticity of the video, writing on Facebook: "Still can't believe how crazy this footage was that I shot back in the day... this girl had good intuition."

Watch the video below: