CCTV footage has emerged showing the shocking moment that a woman runs over her boyfriend while he was riding a bicycle in Phoenix, Arizona, in late April 2016. The video appears to show members of the public come to the man's aid before he attempts to get up and loses his balance, falling over a short wall nearby.

In the video, a red mustang with a white central stripe is seen hitting the cyclist before the car speeds off. In the collision, the man flips numerous times as he is catapulted over the car before he hits the ground.

According to ABC affiliate WFAA, the woman behind the wheel was 43-year-old Misty Lee Wilke and the man on the bike was her boyfriend. Wilke had allegedly discovered that her boyfriend was HIV-positive before the incident took place.

Fox 10 reported that after being arrested, Wilke told police her boyfriend had been laughing about the situation and had attacked her with a knife. Hair and blood from the victim was found on Wilke's mustang.

Wilke is pleading not guilty to a number of charges, including attempting to commit second-degree murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The victim required staples for a head injury and was left with a fractured vertebrae.