Popular soap opera star, Sid Owen, suffered a freak accident which had left him isolated and depressed. The actor, who played Ricky Butcher in EastEnders between 1988 and 2012, was hit in the face with a golf ball in Bangkok. The impact of the ball caused massive damage to his face, teeth and jaw. Having undergone more than 15 hours of surgery, Owen is on an extended emergency visa in Thailand awaiting brain scan results.

For 20 years, Owen has remained sober during the month of January to detoxify his body. During the detox month this year, Owen decided to go to Thailand for a getaway. The keen golfer had been golfing with a friend at the Siam Country Club Old Course near Bangkok on January 17.

While the duo was playing on the course, a golf ball ricochet off a tree nearly ten feet away from the actor and hit him in the face. Owen thought that he saw two of his teeth fly out of his mouth on impact. He was immediately rushed to a hospital where he received emergency care. In the following days, the British actor had to undergo surgery to fix the damage. His doctor informed him that if the ball hit him two inches higher up, he could have been dead instead of wounded.

Owen had a fracture on his face, his jaw was broken, and a tooth became embedded into his jaw. The extent of the damage forced Owen to undergo multiple dental surgeries as well as a bone graft. Owen has undergone more than 15 hours of reconstructive surgery since the incident. He took the call to get new implants instead of choosing cheap dentures.

Owen is worried that his travel insurance may not cover the cost of the treatment. The actor has faced major financial strain as he had to stay back for weeks in Thailand, and pay out his pocket for visa extension, treatment, and accommodation. His insurance company also informed him that they would not pay for treatment if he caught the COVID-19 virus.

Not only has the accident cost him six teeth, Owen has also lost two stones as he has been unable to eat properly. Additionally, Owen had to miss a number of auditions. With Patsy Palmer returning to the show, there were rumours that Owen might also be back. Speaking to The Sun, Owen did not confirm the rumours, and he only spoke about the audition opportunities the incident cost him.

His extended visa allows Owen to remain for treatment for a week. Owen is worried that he might have to fly back to the United Kingdom before his treatment is complete. Brain scan reports are being awaited to confirm if the actor has suffered any underlying damage.

BBC One EastEnders
former EastEnders star suffered facial injuries after being hit in the face with a golf ball. BBC