Forza Horizon 3 -- Rockstar Car Pack

The upcoming "Forza Motorsport" reboot is no doubt one of the most anticipated releases in 2023 for fans of the racing genre. Turn 10 Studios is teasing that the game is the most realistic racing game they have ever made and will feature the addition of more than a hundred cars new to the franchise.

New 'Forza Motorsport' to feature more than 500 cars

Perhaps one of the most exciting details about the upcoming racing game is its sheer number of vehicles. At launch, "Forza Motorsport" will feature more than 500 cars.

Of the 500 cars, a total of 100 cars (or a fifth of the roster) are new to the Forza series. Vehicle art director Gabe Garcia said that the game has the largest rooster of modern race cars ever in an FM title.

Customization options

Racing genre fans will be amazed at the level of customization options the "Forza Motorsport" reboot has to offer. Every vehicle is customizable and the game has over 800 unique upgrade parts and modifications, according to

The effects of these modifications will also be realistically reflected in the game as the developer collaborated with Windows Sonic and Dolby to further enhance the environment and vehicle sounds. Aside from aesthetic changes, upgrades made to cars will also result in certain acoustic effects. Simply put, modified cars will sound different just like in real life.

20 environments

At launch, the "Forza Motorsport" reboot will feature 20 environments, each containing multiple track layouts. Five of these environments are new to the Forza series such as Circuit Hakone and the South African track Kyalami.

Director of motorsport content Arthur Shek assures plays that these locations are recreated in the game with as much detail as possible. In fact, the team's photographic capture of the circuits takes up 3TB of data, which means that the tracks in the upcoming title will have ten times the detail of previous Forza games.

At the moment, Turn 10 Studios did not announce a specific "Forza Motorsport" release date. However, the developer promised that the racing title will launch sometime this year.