Prince Harry shocked everyone on Monday with news of his upcoming memoir in which he promises to tell the truth about the life he has led. While there is no word yet on what it could contain, there are speculations that it could have some alarming revelations about the British royals.

According to The Sun, the Duke of Sussex may finally reveal the identity of the family member who questioned his son Archie's skin colour. During his interview with Oprah Winfrey in March, he said he would "never share" the full details. But revealed that there were talks about how his children with Meghan Markle would look like at the start of their relationship. He also confirmed that neither Prince Philip nor Queen Elizabeth II made the remark.

The 36-year old said that his memoir will tell a "firsthand account" of his life "that's accurate and wholly truthful." Perhaps he can also finally set the record straight on whether he and Meghan Markle did ask Queen Elizabeth II's permission to use her pet name Lilibet for their daughter's name.

Sources claimed that they never sought her permission but only told her. In response, the couple filed a legal complaint about the erroneous report and insisted that the British monarch was the first royal family member they consulted after Lilibet's birth on June 4.

Then there is also the long-standing rumour that Meghan Markle is to blame for the duke's rift with Prince William. She allegedly bullied Kensington Palace aides, which prompted their move to Frogmore Cottage. Prince Harry may reveal his side of the rift with his brother in his upcoming memoir.

Then there is also the possibility of the Duke of Sussex opening up about his wife's mental health problems. In her Oprah interview, the 38-year old said she had suicidal thoughts and that she sought help from The Firm but they turned her back on her.

She said she begged the Human Resources team, but they refused to help because she was not a paid employee. She was also told that it "wouldn't be good for the institution." Prince Harry, in his memoir, could come clean and reveal who prevented Meghan Markle from getting help.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spoke out about the Royal Family in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that immediately became one of the most extraordinary chapters in recent royal history Photo: AFP / OLIVIER DOULIERY