Four men have been charged with manslaughter after a British man was found with his genitals placed inside an empty tuna can and slices of ham on his exposed bottom outside a Spanish airport.

Steven Frank Allford was found dead in the early hours of 21 October last year tied to a bench outside Malaga Airport.

The 51-year-old had his trousers pulled around his ankles and two slices of ham placed on each cheek of his backside.

The homeless man was found in a landscaped area near the arrivals lounge and a busy train stop and a post-mortem revealed that he died after choking on his own vomit following a heavy drinking session.

The four suspects have been named as Finnish nationals Jussi Petteri Munck, Kimo Tapani Naivo, Mika Tapio Soininem and Irishman James O'Byrne.

The foursome face up to three years in prison each with an extra year sought by the prosecution for subjecting the victim to degrading treatment before his death, reported the Mail Online.

Although the circumstances surrounding Allford's death have not yet been revealed one theory is that he had fallen out with other homeless men who slept rough at the airport.

All of the suspects were said to have slept rough in Spain and a video posted to Facebook lead them to the suspects.

In a three-page prosecution document said that other homeless people may have disliked Allford because he would not share food and drink, but expected a portion of other peoples.

The document says: "Despite the drunken state the man who later died was in, the suspects not only tied him to the bench, something that the accused Munck personally verified, but also filmed the scene and even placed a lit cigarette in his mouth after having put it between his buttocks and placed his naked testicles in an empty can for fun.

"The suspects acted as if they were filming a news report, which they ended up posting on the Facebook page of the accused Soininem.

"When they had laughed as much as they needed, they left Mr Allford to his fate. Because of the drunken state he was in, and because it was practically impossible for him to move due to the plastic ties, he ended up choking to death from his own vomit, something the suspects could have prevented by simply making a call so Mr Allford received medical assistance."

The Mirror Online reported that Allford is believed to have served time in prison in France and Spain and had been in the country for about a week before he died trying to find proper accommodation.

No date for the trial has yet been set.