A four-year-old girl has survived a plane crash in the Russian Far East which killed at least six other people on board, according to reports.

The L-410 twin-engine turboprop crashed while attempting to land in small airport near the remote village of Nelkan in the country's far-east region.

The Khabarovsk Airlines flight was on a regular flight to Nelkan from Khabarovsk. Seven people were on board the aircraft including two crew members and the four-year-old child, local authorities say.

The girl who survived the crash with non-life threatening injuries, including fractures and a concussion and will be flown to Khabarovsk for treatment, reported Associated Press.

Regional governor, Vyacheslav Shpor said the child's parents were not onboard the flight and she was flying to Nelkan to visit her grandparents accompanied by a teacher.

An investigation is under way to try determine the cause of the crash, including if weather played a part.

However, a spokesperson Russia's weather forecast service in the region said the weather conditions on the day of the crash should not have cuased an issue.

"There was no snow, the wind was blowing at 3-4 m/s, no fog, the visibility was good," he told RIA Novosti.

A crew error or technical malfunctions are also listed as possible reasons behind the crash.