A Swiss artist was arrested after taking naked selfies with tourists in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris.

Charged with public indecency, Milo Moiré, 31, spent a night at the prison. However she was released on 6 July with a warning.

She was held by police at the Trocadero square where she was urging passers-by to take selfies with her naked self, reported The Telegraph.

Police, however, arrested her at the square after ordering her to wear clothes.

Moiré has been known to use her body as a form of art.

While nudists are allowed in certain designated areas in France, revealing genitals in public can land a violator a one-year jail term and a £10,600 fine.

"She was taken into custody, had her rights read to her, fingerprints taken, photographed and detained in a cell," said Moiré's manager Peter Palm.

In the past, Moiré has performed similar naked selfie acts in Switzerland and Germany without any charges.

Social media users couldn't contain their humour.

One user tweeted: "I'd like to see a 45 year-old man try to do the same thing, in the name of art ... (wait a sec, no I wouldn't)."