France police
Murderers re-enact Breaking Bad body disposal scene by disposing French student's body in acidic container. Getty Images

A French student's body was found dissolving in a plastic container with acid in what appears to be a recreation of a scene from the blockbuster US TV crime series Breaking Bad.

The 23-year-old art history student, Eva Bourseau's body was found in her apartment in Toulouse 10 days after the incident.

Four students, between the ages of 19 and 23, have been arrested over the murder, which was driven over a £4,250 drugs debt, reported The Independent.

According to one of the arrested suspects, the murder was inspired by the US hit serial, Breaking Bad, where a high school Chemistry teacher is diagnosed with lung cancer and starts producing and selling methamphetamine, also known as crystal meth, to build finances for his family before his death.

In one of the scenes from the series, the high school teacher Walter White uses a plastic container with acid to dispose off a body of a murdered competitor.

Bourseau's body was discovered by her mother and according to police sources; it was in the "advanced stages of decomposition".

According to the prosecutor, two men out of the group of accused students visited Bourseau's apartment to settle the deal and when she failed to pay, they killed her with a blow to her skull, reported The Local.

The accused later purchased a plastic container and acid to dissolve the body, and used air fresheners to keep away the smell.