Queen Elsa sang Let it Go in the Oscar-winning Disney animation Disney official website

Queen Elsa fans are more than eager to watch their favourite character in action but Disney is too protective to divulge any details about Frozen 2.

Jennifer Lawrence voicing for Elsa would be a dream come true for fans.

Hollywood Life reports that after her flawless singing debut in Hunger Games Mockingjay, the Oscar award winning actress is being considered for the Disney princess' role.

According to reports, Disney is begging the 24-year-old star to showcase her talent in the animated world of Frozen's sequel.

This will also draw millions of more fans towards the highest earning franchise, as Lawrence has a massive fan following.

"Jen's husky rendition of 'The Hanging Tree' in Mockingjay Part 1 surprised everyone, now execs [at Disney] think she could be the new Kristen Bell," an insider source told OK magazine via Hollywood Life.

"She's such a relevant star, she'd bring tons of fans to the next film," the same source added.

The secrecy around the plot of the highly anticipated movie remains, but rumours have it that Queen Elsa of Arendelle might fall for Jack Frost, the spirit of winter.

Jack Frost is the lead character of the Rise of the Guardians and his nature is the complete opposite of that of the frost queen's. According to rumours their chemistry will be on fire when they fall for each other.

Meanwhile, fans have expressed their excitement over news of Jennifer starring as Elsa.