In this installment of Fully Charged, presenter Robert Llewellyn travels to Germany to take a closer look at two of Berlin's groundbreaking car sharing schemes.

Fully Charged investigates the future of sustainable energy, with Llewellyn - who some of you may know as Kryten from Red Dwarf or from the Channel 4 show Scrapheap Challenge - as our guide.

The 20 part series will cover a range of topics from current technologies and projects (including electric cars, smart meters and self-sustainable distilleries) through to how scientists and companies are planning for the future, working on renewable energy sources and helping people stay in control of the energy they use.

Llewellyn finds out just how easy it is to hire a car in the City when he meets with Collaborative Mobility Expert, Mark Kudling about 'Car2Go' and 'DriveNow'.

He then speaks to Car2Go's Corporate Communications Manager, Andreas Leo, who gives an insight into the cost of hiring a car, the number of cars currently available, as well as its plans for the future, which includes expansion to the UK.

With both schemes, customers do not need to book and have the flexibility to pick up and drop of their hire car anywhere in the city. The long-term plan for both Car2Go and DriveNow is to fade out petrol cars completely, replacing them with electric vehicles.

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