Nick Buckles, the chief executive of security firm G4S, is set to face MP's today over the company's failure to provide enough security staff for the Olympic Games.

Buckles will be grilled by the home Affairs Select Committee chaired by Labour leader Keith Vaz. What the committee will want to know from Buckles is how long ago did they realise the company would not be able to meet the contractual demand of 10,000 staff, with some reports suggesting the issue was raised at least 10 months ago.

News broke out last week that G4S would not be able to honour their contract, and that the company had asked for an additional 3,500 armed troops to cover the shortfall. The announcement was embarrassing for G4S and Olympics organisers, coming just two weeks before the games are set to begin. Hundreds of police officers from across the country have now been drafted in as well to fill the gaps in Olympic security.

The company is set to lose up to £50m on the contract, worth a total of £280m. Buckles' neck is also on the line, but he could be entitled to up to £20m in pay and benefits if he loses his job over the shambles.

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