Old gadgets worth £762m binned Reuters

Piled up your old electronics thinking its of no use? Take them out !

A survey commissioned by mobile network operator O2, has revealed that more than 17 million devices of resale value worth of 762m pound are disposed each year and are sent to dumping ground.

One in three adults were found to throw away a broken or functioning mobile phone, MP3 music player, satnav, games console or digital cameras which would have received an average 43.54 pound from recycling centres.

Though these gadgets contain harmful materials including lead and cadmium, it is not illegal to send them to landfill.

Many companies like Tesco, Boots, Sainsbury's, Asda, O2 and supermarkets including Sainsbury's, have come forward to offer cash for used goods in reasonable conditions.

"Electronic equipment in particular is rich with materials which are in high demand but scarce supply.We know many manufacturers are worried about securing stable supplies of these materials at the right price."Susanne Baker, senior policy adviser on climate change at EEF, the association representing British manufacturers, was quoted in The Independent.

The research reflects how Britain is failing to take advantage of the opportunities to recycle valuable materials. A whopping 15 million tonnes of industrial waste and (half of it valuable scrap metal) was dumped because of insufficient recycling facilities.

"In such difficult times, with austerity the order of the day, sustainability keeps on delivering real benefits for customers, communities and shareholders." Jonathan Porritt, founder and chairman of Forum for the Future, a charity dedicated to sustainable business was quoted as saying.

One can visit the following places for recycling...

Tesco Extra: Visit a local branch of Tesco Extra or post it to the retailer in return for Clubcard loyalty points. tescoelectricaltradein.com

Asda: Cheque will be issued for your damaged or fully-functioning gadget submited to the supermarket.tradein.asda.com

Boots: Functioning electronic gadgets are taken in by Boots and receive Advantage Card loyalty points. bootsrecycle.com/consumer/

Sainsbury's: Send your working item into the supermarket chain and receive a cheque.sainsburysrecycle.com/HowItWorks.aspx

O2 Recycle: Post your working or broken item to an 02 retail outlet or post it to the company and receive cash.o2recycle.co.uk