Samsung managed to pull off its annual Unpacked event without any reports of COVID-19 incidents. Its competitors, on the other hand, were not as lucky as Mobile World Congress (MWC) was ultimately called off to stem the spread of the virus. Among the handsets that made their debut were the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy S20 series. While all three from the latter were considered flagship-tier models, the S20 Ultra was the range-topper among the bunch. However, sources are urging consumers to wait for the Galaxy Note 20 instead.

As suspected, the South Korean consumer electronics company has reportedly begun work on its 2020 refresh of its Note lineup. An article from Forbes points out that those who have plans to purchase a mobile phone should consider waiting instead. This comes from an announcement regarding mass production of its new storage technology which is on the way. Thus, it is likely the brand's next premium offerings will ship with it on board.

Samsung is calling it eUFS 3.1 as it promises data transfer speeds of up to 1,200 MB per second. It will be available in 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB configurations. The Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 10 are equipped with eUFS 3.0 memory which is three times slower in contrast. In addition to the aforementioned upgrade, the Galaxy Note 20 is speculated to use an enhanced display.

Supply chain sources describe it as "an optimised OLED display for 5G smartphones with newly reduced blue-light emission and lowered power consumption." Since bigger battery capacities add to the overall weight, this might be the workaround to keep the form factor slim. There are reports claiming Apple's iPhone 12 will be using the same screen tech as well.

Samsung plans to outsource production to China
Samsung leads the global smartphone market with a 23 percent share AFP / Jung Yeon-je

Biometric security should likewise see the adoption of Qualcomm's 3D Sonic Max fingerprint reader. Samsung was criticised by industry analysts when it opted to use the faulty sensor which caused problems for its Galaxy S10 series. Other features rumoured to come with the Galaxy Note 20 are a new S-Pen functionality and better cameras among others. Thanks to these optimisations, it will be a formidable contender for other 2020 flagships that will launch later in the year.