The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was scheduled to make its first appearance at the Unpacked 2020 event last month. However, since 2019, industry insiders have shared confidential details about the new clamshell foldable handset. A few weeks before its official reveal, a Russian Jeweller that offers customised products posted an exclusive version of the device, which confirmed the rumours about the foldable smartphone. Thankfully, the Galaxy S20 series already debuted just in time for the Caviar to offer its services once more.

Customisation services are available for all three Galaxy S20 models and as with most of its previous offerings, buyers can choose from various designs and materials. Among the options available, perhaps the most stylish are the ones that make it look like a deck of playing cards. GSMArena points out that each suit will be limited to 21 examples only, which is a tribute to the winning number in a game of Blackjack.

Caviar Galaxy S20 Ace of Clubs and Ace of Spades

In a traditional deck of playing cards, this symbol is printed in black. Therefore, this version uses Black composite onyx for the back panel with a frame made of gold. The sign of clubs and Spades are likewise fashioned out of gold with two more golden Aces and its corresponding suits on top right and bottom left corners.

Caviar Galaxy S20 Ace of Hearts and Ace of Diamonds

The other two suits use red composite stone for the rear panel to match the colour. Moreover, similar to the first two detailed above, the symbol, letters and icons are likewise crafted from gold along the frame.

Caviar Galaxy S20 Joker

While the aforementioned pairs are already quite expensive, the Joker version is perhaps the most prohibitive of the bunch. The rear panel is mostly made of composite kirinite, which gives it a greenish hue. The pattern of all the suits becomes a stylish backdrop of the golden relief figure of the joker juggling several cards, which feature rubies for the suits of heart and diamond, while the clubs and spades are represented by sapphires.

Caviar Samsung Galaxy S20 series collection
Customization services are available for all three Galaxy S20 models and buyers can choose from various designs and materials. Photo: Caviar

Pricing and availability

The Caviar Galaxy S20 collection is a luxurious collection of limited-edition smartphones for those who don't mind spending a fortune. Pricing for the four suits start at $4,750 and go up to $5,660. Meanwhile, the Joker variant costs $39,300 for the base model and up to $40,210 for the S20 Ultra. All are available for order now with free worldwide shipping and aftermarket support.