Galaxy Note 5
Galaxy Note 5's S-Pen inserted backwards? Here's a simple fix [VIDEO] Samsung

The Note 5 has recently drawn severe flak for its major design flaw with the S-Pen (stylus) inserting mechanism, wherein any accidental backwards insertion of the stylus breaks the mechanism and the pen gets permanently stuck in the groove.

It is still possible to retrieve the stylus with a simple trick: insert a sheet of paper into the hole and use it to pull the pen out. The catch here is to note the clicking of the pen and follow the instructions carefully as detailed in the demo video below.

Tip: Avid Note 5 users should exercise caution while inserting the S-Pen into the groove provided on one side of the Note 5, as it is quite unlikely that the pen would get stuck if you pushed it in the correct orientation (pointy tip should go into the hole), after ensuring a single-click sound to complete the locking mechanism.

If you are still sceptical, then check out the video below for further assistance:

[Source: Android Authority]