Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Note 7 users in South Korea say that issues continue to exist with the battery of the exchanged device Getty Images

Samsung has started its full-fledged exchange programme for the Galaxy Note 7, but some users have complained that despite the replacement, battery issues continue to exist. Users in South Korea said that the new Galaxy Note 7 overheated quickly and the battery was getting drained.

Korean Herald reported that one user was having problems with the exchanged Galaxy Note 7's battery as its battery level was dropping 1% every second.

"After the battery level dropped to 1%, the battery did not get charged above 10%. And a technician at Samsung's after-sales service centre disconnected the charger as soon as he found out the power draining issue, probably because he was concerned about a possible explosion," said a user who was only identified as Choi.

He claimed that even when the device was being charged, the battery drained quickly. To demonstrate how grave the problem was he recorded the charging session, which showed the battery going from 75% to 49% in 39 minutes. Another Galaxy Note 7 user, who was identified as Lee made similar claims and said that the exchanged model lost 15 to 16% power in less than 30 minutes.

IBTimes UK cannot independently verify the complaints and Samsung has not issued an official statement so far.

The South Korean electronics giant had halted the sale of the Note 7 and recalled the device as a battery problem caused some of them to explode while charging. Sales of the device are likely to begin on 28 September.