The Chinese government as well as its telecommunications regulators have regularly cracked down on software and hardware that is considered a threat to its national security. As such, certain products and software are banned in the country, which is why some manufacturers have created products that cater to the local market. Samsung's latest collection of smartphones with foldable displays are already on sale globally, but it will reportedly release a device exclusive to consumers in China called the Galaxy W21.

For those who are unaware, Samsung occasionally releases premium handsets targeted at China's wealthy consumers. In 2018, the manufacturer launched the W2019, which was a clamshell Android smartphone with two AMOLED touchscreen displays. Unlike the Galaxy Z Flip, it does not use a flexible display panel and comes with traditional keypads instead. Its construction uses high-end materials such as anodised aluminium and glass for an elegant presentation.

Samsung is approaching the W21 similarly and pricing it approximately $3,027, making it more expensive than the regular Galaxy Z Fold2. In contrast, the Thom Browne edition costs more at around $3,299, but ships with additional themed accessories such as the Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Buds Live. However, ArsTechnica points out that the frame is noticeably bigger than the standard version.

A side-by-side comparison image was uploaded on social media which shows the size difference of the W21 over the regular Galaxy Fold2. Surprisingly, an in-depth guide posted online shows that it practically ships with all the same features save for the battery capacity, which is now smaller at $4,390 mAh. Another notable change is the gold colourway with a vertical pinstripe pattern which is not available for the original lineup.

Therefore, it remains a mystery as to why the Galaxy W21 packs a larger frame when everything else remains the same. Samsung is launching the revamped Galaxy Z Fold 2 in China on Nov. 11, and each unit is equipped with range-topping specs such as a 12 GB RAM and 512 GB ROM, Meanwhile, insiders claim the South Korean electronics group will release the Galaxy S21 lineup a little earlier next year, which means mass production might start soon.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G preorders live
This is the South Korean electronics group's second-generation attempt to market a smartphone/tablet hybrid device. Photo: Samsung