It all started out when Samsung hosted a closed-door meeting for its partners and mobile service providers at CES 2020. During the clandestine presentation, the company confirmed that the Galaxy S11 would be renamed Galaxy S20 in line with the new decade. Moreover, a clamshell foldable handset was likewise teased, which was called the Galaxy Bloom at the time. Now, the tech industry and the public know it as the Galaxy Z Flip, which will be unveiled at the Unpacked 2020 event Tuesday. However, it appears to have already debuted in a commercial during the broadcast of the 2020 Oscars.

It seems that Samsung might be taking matters into its own hands after a series of leaks about almost everything regarding the new device. First came the photos from the secret CES 2020 presentation, followed by images of an alleged working prototype posted on Chinese social media.

Then came a video clip of what appears to be the retail version of the unit in action. Shortly thereafter, Russian Jeweller Caviar advertised its customised Samsung Galaxy Z Flip models, which are now up for pre-order. Consumers were particularly drawn to the Joker & Harley Quinn Edition for its sheer opulence.

Samsung was originally expected to launch the Galaxy Z Flip alongside its flagship Galaxy S20 series during the Unpacked 2020 show. Nevertheless, the company's PR team might have made the decision to slip a little teaser before the main event. Most analysts find it strange that the 2020 Oscars commercial aired before the manufacturer even announced its latest foldable smartphone.

On a Twitter post, one user even pointed out that there was a disclaimer in small print that said "screen crease is normal," reports CNBC This might upset some consumers who believed that Samsung has already found a solution to this problem. The Galaxy Fold relied on a Polyimide (PI) substrate to protect the flexible panel, but it was susceptible to creases and damage. it was speculated that Ultra Thin Glass technology would be the answer, but apparently it is not.

Caviar Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Customization Options
The South Korean consumer electronics group was scheduled to announce the clamshell foldable during its Unpacked 2020 event alongside the Galaxy S20 series. Photo: Caviar

Everyone is encouraged to wait for the official announcement of the Galaxy Z Fold at the Unpacked 2020 show. Aside from the smartphones, sources claim there are other surprises in store. With the ongoing Wuhan Coronavirus scare, Samsung assured attendees that it will have preventive measures in place during the event.