It looks like there is little to nothing left for Samsung to showcase during the Unpacked 2020 show when it comes to its latest foldable handset. The manufacturer is set to officially launch two mobile phones during the event on Tuesday.

Thankfully, the Galaxy S20 series has been successfully kept under wraps which still leaves some surprise for the big reveal. However, the Galaxy Z Flip has been exposed multiples times already and the commercial even aired during a break of the Oscars 2020 broadcast. Now, a new leak confirms that a luxury version called the Thom Browne Edition is also available.

So far, the technical specifications of the Galaxy Z Flip are still due to be announced, which is something for consumers to look forward to. From what was already shared online, the device flaunts a clamshell form factor that will appeal to nostalgic buyers, while the flexible display technology will likely attract those who want an innovative alternative to regular smartphones.

The regular Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be offered in two colours: purple and black. Meanwhile, the Thom Browne Edition sports a classy silver shade with the fashion brand's signature red, white, and blue stripes running down the length of the exterior surface of the device, notes Android Police. The interior section shows the flexible display, which is rumoured to use Ultra Thin Glass technology in place of the Polyimide (PI) substrate of the Galaxy Fold.

In addition to the handset, the package apparently includes what seems to be a Galaxy Watch Active 2 and a Galaxy Buds+. Both the smartwatch and true-wireless earbuds likewise flaunt the signature colours of the stylish collaboration on the wristband, charging case, and the earbuds. Furthermore, the premium box comes with a replacement watch strap and a protective case with the aforementioned stripes.

Caviar Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Customization Options
The South Korean consumer electronics group was scheduled to announce the clamshell foldable during its Unpacked 2020 event alongside the Galaxy S20 series. Photo: Caviar

The Galaxy Z Flip is speculated to cost around $1,500 or less, but the Thom Browne Edition is projected to command a higher price tag, thanks to its fashion tie-up. Last week, a report pointed out that Russian Jeweller Caviar already posted customised versions of the handset. There's the Joker & Harley Quinn Edition, Gold Edition, and Carbon Titanium Edition. Each one of these models are decked with precious metals and other luxurious materials. Pricing ranges from $5,180 to $5,970 with limited numbers up for purchase.