Game Of Thrones
British actress Maisie Williams plays Arya Stark in the HBO series Game Of Thrones HBO

Game of Thrones fanatics may rejoice, because an interesting pop-up exhibition is coming soon to tie you over until the next season.

Named The Game of Thrones: A Pencil Microsculpture Exhibition by Salavat Fidai, the art offering will commence from 22 April–4 June and will take place at the K+ Curatorial Space at Scotts Square in Singapore. The even better news is that it is free.

So for GoT fans who happen to be travelling to Singapore this spring/summer, make sure to pop along and check out the elements of the series in sculpted fragile pencil tips. It's not every day you get to see such sights...

Commissioned by HBO Asia, the microsculpture exhibition will no doubt get fans riled up for season 7 of GoT, set to launch on 16 July.

The event allows fans of the show to marvel at the intricate carvings of the Iron Throne, sigils of House Stark, House Targaryen, House Greyjoy, House Baratheon and House Lannister along with the Hand of The King pin, Cersei's new crown, Drogon the dragon, Three-Eyed Raven, the Night's King, a White Walker, the Titan of Braavos, the Weirwood tree and two swords: Brienne of Tarth's Oathkeeper and Jon Snow's Long Claw. Each tiny little sculpture is carved into 16 pencils.

Fidai, from Russia, has made a name for himself for not huge works of art but for miniature sculpturing, proving you don't need a huge studio be an innovative creator.

He uses a craft knife and a 4x magnifying glass to create tiny sculptures out of pointy pencil lead, and the work goes out to his followers on his Instagram feed before it is posted for sale. He makes a living from selling his miniature works, photographs and regular sized paintings on online shop Etsy, and his customers are mainly from the United States.